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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Welcome to a new Fight

We thought of this is the high time to declare a war against the grievous crime which is taking place around us. Oh, don't panic. We are not saying to grab a gun and shoot people. But to raise your voice and support a fight against PLAGIARISM. To be true,  we don't have the power to take any legal action or stop it on spot right now. But if we unifiedly make a strong team and protest boldly whenever any of this kind of matter get featured and noticed, we are sure that to some extent we would be able to stop this offense . Therefore this site is been made to show a protest and to highlight these copycat creepers. Though it's a believe that stealing can't be stop until and unless the thief feels from his/her heart that it's an offense, we can make a  psychological loop at least to make the stealer to think several times before stealing someone's hard work. This is just an effort to amalgamate  people to raise a voice against this crime.

Read the ABOUT section to know more.