We thought of this is the high time to declare a war against the grievous crime which is taking place around us. Oh, don't panic. We are not saying to grab a gun and shoot people. But to raise your voice and support a fight against PLAGIARISM. To be true,  we don't have the power to take any legal action or stop it on spot right now. But if we unifiedly make a strong team and protest boldly whenever any of this kind of matter get featured and notice, we are sure that to some extent we would be able to stop this offense . Therefore this site is been made to show a protest and to highlight these copycat creepers. Though it's a believe that stealing can't be stop until and unless the thief feels from his/her heart that it's an offense, we can make a  psychological loop at least to make the stealer to think several times before stealing someone's hard work. This is just an effort to amalgamate  people to raise a voice against this crime.
 How it will work:
We are inviting everybody to post your views against Plagiarism.We are inviting the victims of Plagiarism to share your story.If anybody sees that someone's work is been copied and published without the author's concern then please do the following things:
1.Pls inform the author and us too.
2.We  request the victim/author to write about this in detail, including the print shot pages of both the original and the copied one.
3.Send us to the this e-mail Id:
4. We will investigate about the authenticity and immediately after that we will publish here and request all the members to blog on it in their sites to spread this awful crime. We will also ask the members to visit the site and protest so that next time he/she would not dare to steal anyone's hard work.
5. We will try to connect the administrators to block the site.

Role of the Members:
Please remember that if you are joining this site you are becoming a member of this site. Being a member you will be bound by some responsibility. There will be two types of members-
    a)Board Members.
    b)Site Members.

The responsibilities for both group of members:
1. Stay alert and whenever you see any kind of disloyal act related plagiarism inform immediately.
2. Whenever we will call for a help and protest, be there always to support the victim and to fight.
3. Members are always welcome to give ideas and advices about how to make better the site and how to make it strong.
4. We will request the members to write a post in their sites about this site. You can also directly link this from the below buttons. (it's below on the right hand side which includes-Mail, Blog, Twitter, Face book and Google buzz)
5. Please put the Logo in you site and link to this site.

Board Members will have few more responsibilities which will be listed soon. But few of them will be like :
Keep on updating the site.
Taking firm steps when needed.
Work unitedly with the co-members.
Reply to the comments.etc

Role of the Logo:A logo is been made to support this site and also to spread our fight against plagiarism. All who join this site and support this act, are been requested to put the logo in your own webpage and link with this site.

Note: This is page is subject to change when needed.